“Passage of migrants through La Laguna is low,” say authorities

The coordinator of the Government of Coahuila in La Laguna, David Flores Lavenant, stated that the number of migrants that have been detected in the region in recent weeks has been very low; however, he indicated that this is not a reason to modify the surveillance strategy through filters coordinated between the three levels of government.

Flores Lavenant also pointed out that the possibility is not ruled out that, in the near future, a greater passage of migrants may be registered through La Laguna, so they will have to continue to be attentive to the routes that travelers take on their way to the border with the United States.

“There is little, there has been little that has been detected, it has been more and according to the information we have, because at the Central (Buses) of Saltillo, where they have been arriving, in Monclova there has also been a large influx, they have already arrived at Piedras Negras and Acuña, there are already some who have arrived on foot in their transfer, others in vehicles, in buses, they are already arriving“, accurate.

The coordinator of the Government of Coahuila in La Laguna also said that the origin of the migrants, at least those that have been detected passing through the region, has been of great variety, highlighting, for example, travelers from Venezuela, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Therefore, it is a heterogeneous group that they have been monitoring so that their human rights are guaranteed, that they can follow their routes without major incidents, in addition to being able to abide by the indications of order in each space in which they are found. find.

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The Government of Coahuila has order and security protocols ready before the arrival of migrants

However, he warned that in the event that migrants are detected without the permission of the National Institute of Migration (INM), the corresponding authorities are informed, so that a deportation order is executed and as the protocols in those cases.

“It is care that respects human rights, those who bring the permits granted by the National Migration Institute, well, they can continue on their way without any problem, but those who do not carry their documents, return them, attend to them, they are being given all the attention of the state and that no situation is going to happen, but also that they do not travel in conditions that put their safety at risk”.

Although he did not specify more figures, he said that in all the filters that have been set up in La Laguna, the National Institute of Migration (INM) participates, in addition to the collaboration between the various security corporations at the municipal level, with the state and even the armed forces.

Saltillo adds more than 300 stranded migrants

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They were told that their humanitarian visas are not valid in the state of Coahuila

It should be noted that yesterday, Friday, some 300 migrants entered Coahuila through the Monterrey-Saltillo highway, as reported they had been concentrating at the Monterrey Bus Station and advanced on foot along that interstate highway; They have stated that they are seeking to reach Ciudad Acuña in order to arrange to go from there to the United States.

From that group of migrants it has transpired that they are mainly Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Hondurans.

migration crisis

They detect low influx in the passage of migrants through the region of La Laguna.

*Government of Coahuila detects the highest volume of travelers through the Southeast region.

*Authorities of the three levels of government monitor the care filters for migrants in the Comarca Lagunera and throughout the entity.

*Yesterday, Friday, a group of about 300 migrants entered Coahuila, but from the Monterrey-Saltillo highway.

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