Party congress in Riesa: The AfD is afraid of itself

Alice Weidel answers questions from journalists at the AfD party conference in Riesa on Saturday.
Image: dpa

The AfD does not dare to break out in terms of content at its party conference in Riesa. A lot of time is wasted on procedural issues – out of concern that decisions could later be challenged by those who were defeated. An analysis.

DThe AfD wants to give itself a new look with old leaders. The re-elected federal spokesman Tino Chrupalla associated the word “departure” and “the chance to leave the past behind” with his person. In fact, Chrupalla, unlike his opponent Norbert Kleinwaechter, who comes from the moderate AfD milieu, is a figure of integration – who, however, lacks the power to integrate. That’s why the leader of the right-wing (extreme) camp, Björn Höcke, can get along with him tolerably without having to expose himself in a leadership position.

At the federal party conference in Riesa, Höcke demonstrated that he also has such a directing influence on the AfD with a few short interventions, which, however, were not about substantive positions, but about statute (i.e. power) issues. Höcke was the first to decide that the AfD would change its statutes in such a way that in future a chairman could lead the party alone. With a second brief appearance, he then managed to ensure that this new opportunity was not used immediately, but only in two years at the earliest.

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