Parliamentarians of Chile Podemos Más pressure Sichel to support Kast in the eventual second round

The pressure continues in Chile Podemos Más regarding the off-hook and the possibility that the coalition will confirm that they will support José Antonio Kast in a possible second round.

Chilean Parliamentarians We Can More pressure Sebastian Sichel to support Jose Antonio Kast in a possible second round, while the official candidate maintains uncertainty regarding his decisions.

Yesterday the flag bearer of the conglomerate, Sebastian Sichel, clarified that as long as the candidate of the Republican Party does not make changes in some nuances of his program, he sees difficult the possibility of supporting him in this scenario.

Along these lines, the former Minister of Social Development once again highlighted his differences with the candidate of the Republican Party.

He pointed out that he is the presidential card of the modern center-right.

Second lap between Sichel or Kast

The deputy of National Renovation, Gonzalo Fuenzalida, in conversations with CNN Chile, He argued that it is essential that the candidates ensure mutual support for an eventual second round.

This, despite the fact that he will keep his word and maintain support for Sebastian Sichel for the first round.

Regarding the programmatic differences, the UDI deputy Jorge Alessandri clarified that there were also differences between the programs of the four candidates of the coalition primary.

He also agreed with Fuenzalida and pressured the former president of Banco Estado to clarify his position before November 21.

Yesterday the weekly surveys of Cadem and Citizen Pulse.

Both threw as leaders of the preferences José Antonio followed by a narrow difference by Gabriel Boric.

Finally, Yasna Provoste would keep fighting for fourth place with Franco Parisi.

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