Panic in the hospital: a disturbing video shows nocturnal paranormal activity and causes a stir on the networks

The social networks they are a tool used by millions of people around the world to exchange the most diverse material: images, videos, current news, everyday situations and jokes circulate on the web by dint of likes, comments and reposts.

Beyond the funny material that circulates, there is a niche that is beginning to be exploited more and more: the paranormal. Recently, the social network tiktok, became the ideal setting for hundreds of accounts that share really disturbing material, by users who are passionate about the subject.

appearances of strange silhouettes, movement of objects without anyone touching them, UFOs and goblins, These are some of the main facts of images and videos that circulate and are consumed by millions of people around the world.

In this case, it was the user @celesteirojas18 who shared a material filmed inside a hospital, which caused the total shudder of his followers. In the clip, the camera can be seen moving through the corridors of the hospital until it reaches the door of the elevator, which begins to open under its own powerwithout registering any physical person in the place.

Then, as the seconds go by, you can see several carts with breakfast and medical supplies that they begin to move without anyone touching them, making really scary noises.

The video exceeded one million views and had more than 2,200 comments: “I’m not going to see it because it’s 11:00 pm and it scares me”, “That’s not normal!! wife is a nurse and she tells me that it is normal for them I would run away!”, “I don’t even dare to walk alone out there”, “I do believe you. The amount of energy that hospitals store is immense”, some users wrote.

There were also those who put humor: “At least it’s tidy, he put the cart back in its place,” “The ghost: ‘Sorry I stumbled, I’ll put it in its place’”, “The ghost: ‘I’ll take this machine to do a study. Ah, I feel good now, I better leave it in its place just’”they joked.

And there was no shortage of skeptics who claimed that the material was not true: “Her partner pushes and she never puts the camera to the right, that gives the partner time to hide, and the same for the elevator”, “Obviously someone pushes and hides behind the other machine”, “Curiously, they always record where things happen and they have the perfect angles”, they opined.

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