Pamela Díaz’s daughter exchanged flirtatious messages with a well-known influencer

With more than 400 thousand followers on his official Instagram account, Trini Neira, the eldest daughter of Pamela Diazis already a celebrity in the popular social network.

For that reason, The personal life of Pamela Díaz’s daughter generates more and more interest among Internet users. This includes his love life, something that has been speculated in recent hours.

Trini has exchanged flirtatious messages on your instagram profile with a well-known singer and influencer. This did not go unnoticed and several followers have begun to believe that there could be a pololeo there.

With whom does Pamela Díaz’s daughter flirt?

In past months, Trini Neira said in an Instagram story that she was totally single. However, in the summer it was related to Bryan Soto, the soccer player from Colo Colo.

Now, Pamela Díaz’s daughter is linked to another person. This is the renowned singer and influencer Andoniknown as “The man of the girls”.

Trini uploaded an image to Instagram where she wore overalls and diver shorts. Andoni commented: “Hello, What will you do tomorrow?”.

Speculation grew over Trini’s response to that comment: “Hello, see you.” The comment caused a stir and suggested that there was possibly talk of a romantic date between the two.

Andoni is one of the new urban bets of Chilean music. With a few years of musical career, she has excelled with songs like “Recogerla” and “Hasta que amanezca”.

Only “Recogerla” already has more than 100,000 views on YouTube. In this way, the musician has been climbing in the national show, which is why his personal life also attracts the attention of his followers on social networks.

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