Pamela David showed the set of The roulette of your dreams

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“They are well off because I am going to show them the scenery before the premiere of the program, this is not done, but nothing happens, because with such a scenery how am I going to save it?” Pamela David told the Best of Tomorrow boys.

However, he explained that on Monday the entire staging will be seen in all its splendor. “It’s going to be an incredible show, good vibes” anticipated Pamela.

In principle, Pame remarked that the whole program is “equal, equal” to the Spanish version “Are we in Madrid?” joked the driver looking at the sets.

Pamela David showed the roulette wheel and the boys from Mendoza were encouraged to “a shot” that “the pot” would have given them, if they had been in the program that will have great prizes, including zero kilometer cars, motorcycles and cash. “Nobody leaves empty-handed,” explained the driver herself.

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Pame also showed the rostrum in which the relatives of the three daily participants of the program will be. “The protocol will be complied with, including use of a chinstrap and social distance,” said David.

In addition to his desire to return to television, Pamela emphasized what she will offer the audience: “An hour of entertainment and good vibes. Entertainment programs have resurfaced after the pandemic around the world, people need it and this program has a format in which there are different types of questions of general culture and that will see well from Monday “.

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