Paloma Valencia also attacks the Registrar – Congress – Politics

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The congresswoman published the image of a resolution of the electoral entity in which district registrars and departmental delegates are authorized to “extend supernumerary personnel.”

Supernumeraries throughout the country who were hired without any selection process: Valencia

According to Valencia, “the Electoral Code uses all that jam for things like these: you can change the sex of minors from the age of 5 on their identification.” And she published a photo of the article that allows this type of provision, which speaks of “correction” in the component of sex in the identification of citizens.

The project to update the Electoral Code became entangled in the Congress of the Republic. This week, if the legislative agenda allowed it, the discussion of the initiative, which has 377 articles, was going to begin. And if the tight schedule did not allow it, the discussion was going to take place the following week in the first joint commissions. But from there he could not pass, because there was an urgent message.

However, in Congress there was no atmosphere to advance the debate. It was argued, among other reasons, that there are too many articles to carry out an in-depth debate in a few weeks. In addition, it “goes against” the government program.

This led the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, to report this Thursday that they have lifted the urgent message so that the project has a regular process. He implied that they will reconsider part of the articles, since various political sectors, including the Historical Pact, raised doubts about the project and its relevance.

“The arguments seem reasonable to us, first of the Historical Pact itself, of the Chamber bench. Second, we believe that it is worth listening to society because in public hearings and in general through the media, observations have been presented that warrant us reviewing whether it is worth having in a single project the entire civil registry, the authentication plus the entire electoral procedure, or it is worth processing it in two separate projects”, explained the minister.


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