Pain for the death of Leonardo Huebe «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The death of the writer and bookseller Leonardo Huebe, 54, was known this Friday, an outcome that causes pain in the literary field of Mar del Plata.

Huebe published “End of the World and other stories” (Letra Sudaca and “Relatos Antagónicos” (Editorial Martín) but he also stood out for the large number of texts that were published about him in various literary magazines, including the supplement of the newspaper LA CAPITAL .

In 2011 he joined the literary supplement of the Telam agency as a collaborator and did a large number of reviews and interviews.

As Leonardo Torressi said in Viva magazine, “in each story of this man from Mar del Plata there is a great idea. That is the strong one, Huebe can be tender, and, suddenly, black. Or bleak. He inhabits an original place between the popular writer and the one who has no need to leave the reader alone”.

He was the owner of the “K” bookstore, which at the beginning of the 2000s occupied one of the premises of the Lafayette gallery and later also moved to the La Cuadrada space.

He worked as a salesman in the Alejandría, Fray Mocho and Libros de la Arena bookstores, and was always very useful to customers due to his extensive knowledge of universal literature.

He professed great admiration for American writers such as Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, and in particular John Fante. He was also distinguished for being a specialist in crime novel authors such as Ross MacDonald, James Ellroy George Pelecanos, Don Winslow and David Simon, among others.

In 1992 he received a mention in the thirteenth short story contest of Puro Cuento magazine (year 6, No. 34) directed by Mempo Giardinelli. In 1996 he got the second prize in the “1ra. Biennial of Young Art”, Mar del Plata.

In 2002 he published by Editorial Martin Relatos agonicos. In 2007 he was anthologized in “Palabras al sur (writers from the cultural region of southeastern Buenos Aires)”. Between 2003 and 2011 he collaborated in the literary magazine “La Pecera”, as well as in the newspaper “La Capital” of Mar del Plata and in the publications “La carta K” of La Plata, “Ecos del Puerto”, “Entrelíneas”, “The outbreak” and “Miles”.

His bonhomie and generosity were characteristics of Huebe, whose death today supposes a frank anguish in his relatives, writers and booksellers.

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