Pacheco for closing Windows: "There will be no Codelco worker left unemployed"

Sebastian Beltran | ONE Agency


“This decision is difficult for us,” said Codelco’s board chairman, Máximo Pacheco, following the announcement of the closure of the mining company’s Ventanas division, located in Puchuncaví, Valparaíso region.

The chairman of the board of National Copper Corporation (Codelco)Máximo Pacheco, referred to the announcement of the closure of the mining company’s Ventanas smelter, in the Valparaíso region.

This Friday night, Codelco’s board announced the decision after a series of intoxications that have affected the inhabitants of the Puchuncaví-Quintero sector.

Given this, the progressive closure of the division was verified in full dialogue between the company and its workers, who would be relocated for at least 5 years that the dismantling of the area will last.

In the instance, Pacheco indicated that “we have been faced with this situation. It is a saturated zone, I want each of the Chilean men and women to ask themselves: Windows (would it deserve) to be in a saturated zone when the world advances towards environmental control? Our clients they want to be sure that the copper comes from safe areas“.

“This decision is difficult for us, it is a change, but we are going to make it hand in hand with Codelco workers. As the president said, there will be no Codelco worker left unemployed“, he stated.

Codelco and closure of Windows: “We are good neighbors”

In addition, he reiterated the constitution of a working table between the mining company and the unions. “We have met with the union leaders of Ventanas, we have invited them to a table where we can work on this plan together, we hope that this can happen soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pacheco clarified that “he is a man of dialogue”, after Windows workers criticized him for the decision and for not “accompanying them”. “I believe in Chile’s salary and I am proud to be the president of the board of directors,” he assured.

Finally, the president of the Codelco board commented that so far he has spoken with the mayors of the area, to whom he pointed out that “our conviction is that we are good neighbors, we are going to take care of the communities where we are located.”

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