Pablo Montero and Celia Lora ‘can no longer stand’ in La Casa de los Famosos

It seems that the spirits between the lagoon man Pablo Montero and Celia Lora ‘heated up’ in La Casa de los Famosos on Telemundo, because last Tuesday they faced each other with words in front of their teammates.

The discussion originated when Pablo asked Lora for respect, noting that he has had problems with everyone because of his ‘unnecessary’ comments.

“As I am telling you, in good plan, respect me! I am telling you right now: Respect me! It’s all. I respect your peers, whether they are older or your age,” says the singer.

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However, she makes fun of his request, because she assures that when he met her the first thing he said was his sexual desire for her.

“You cannot ask me for respect if from the first day I met you … I have never met someone who first tells me that they have always loved me with …” Lora replied.

“You are inventing that a person got naked from me… well, that’s what you do, to be speaking badly of people, period. You respect me, period, ”added Montero.

The discussion continued for another five minutes and was witnessed by some of his peers.

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