"Oral hygiene has to be from baby": remarked a pediatric dentist

The pediatric dentist, Olga Morales Hanuch, expressed: “you have to get used to the child who goes to the office early, it is better to prevent, you have to educate him in having the good habit of taking care of his teeth, going to the dentist” and added: “since the child is born boy has to have oral hygiene, after taking the breast, eating pumpkin, and then with the first tooth without toothpaste, just with a brush”.

In turn, the specialist commented: “oral hygiene has to have three tooth brushings, from the age of 7, food is essential, eating fruits, vegetables, milk, not so much junk food.”

At the same time, the pediatric dentist stressed: “you have to set limits, I say that to the parents of my patients, otherwise they should go to another specialist.”

Likewise, the specialist maintained: “the request for control that they make in the schools is not fulfilled, because we say that they need treatment, but it is not fulfilled, what we do is a document and there is no follow-up on it, why ask for that certificate then”.

And he pointed out: “when you get up you have to brush your teeth, after every meal and at night, mainly”.

In the same sense, about what bruxism is, the dentist explained: “Bruxism occurs in children and adults, it occurs when the person relapses into the oral cavity, nerves, stress, especially in the post-pandemic, now that[…]can do, I recommend that you exercise, paint, distract yourself, or drink muscle-relaxing tea”.

In addition, he described: “Flap patients are cleft lip patients, it can be palate, ridge or lip alone, we are a reference center throughout the province, in Neo de llano or Vidal they send us babies who suffer from this”.

Finally, the pediatric dentist commented: “In the Pediatric Hospital, I am part of an NGO to discover smiles, with which we help children who do not have the resources to carry out dental treatment.”

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