Open the exhibition "Stories to chart territories"

“Stories to map out territories”

Six visual artists exhibit in Space Totem

A group of visual artists and managers are working to finalize the visual arts exhibition: “Stories to trace territories”, which opens this Saturday, May 14 at 8:00 p.m., in Espacio Tótem.

Melisa Serrano, Psychopop series
Melisa Serrano, Psychopop series

The managers of this initiative seek to position Villa Carlos Paz, from a federal perspective, on the map of the cultural circuit and specifically that of the visual arts, in Córdoba.

The coordinators Constance Casarino Y Maria Ines Repetto express their gratitude for the generosity and warmth of the owners of this new cultural space in our town, a place that meets all expectations according to the organizers.

Florence Rosado, Bondi series
Florence Rosado, Bondi series

The installation, which can be visited from May 14 in the space located at Cárcano 92, builds a story based on the proposals of six artists: Inés Lluvia, Victoria Faraci, Florencia Rosado, Inés Miserendino, Octavia Russo and Melisa Serrano, all with different languages ​​and techniques that reaffirm in their work, their personal and diverse poetic searches.

Victoria Faraci, video installation "Devenir"
Victoria Faraci, video installation “Devenir”

The pieces, due to their aesthetic characteristics, arise from contemporary artistic practices in that fusion of languages ​​and formats.

Within the framework of this exhibition, a series of activities will also be carried out, such as the fanzine fair , talks and guided tours in the afternoon (with prior reservation on the show’s Instagram). Both the managers of the initiative and the artists are waiting for everyone to enjoy the different proposals and participate in the Fair, as stallholders or as visitors on 5/21, from 5 to 10 pm. (Instagram @sample_stories).

You are invited to all the scheduled activities that take place during the days of the exhibition.

The inauguration will be this Saturday, May 14 at 8:00 p.m. in Space Totem, Cárcano 92, Villa Carlos Paz

Reports: @sample_stories.

Inés Lluvia, series "Behind the tea"
Inés Lluvia, series “Behind the tea”

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