Only in June, the call for 9 children and adolescents from Salta for adoption was opened

The love of a family it’s a dream shared by many children and adolescents who are not fortunate enough to have one. For this reason, the Registry of adoptions of the Judiciary constantly updates the files. As far as Junewere published 4 calls for a total of 9 children and adolescents from Salta.

The first one is for 3 brothers. the eldest has 13 yearsis in the first year of high school in a technical school where he has a good performance, he is responsible, communicative, affectionate, creative, he likes robotics, drawing and doing crafts.

The other two, a boy and a girl, they are 8 years old and they are twins who are attending the third grade in a public school. He is a sociable, loving and affectionate boy; Like his older brother, he likes to draw a lot, he is a good student, he plays with Legos and shares with other children. She is very affectionate just like her brothers, she plays with dolls and paints, she is affectionate and more emotionally demanding than her peers.

The second is from a 13-year-old girl who likes to dance a lot and attended some workshops on emotional skills.. He stands out for relating and establishing bonds with other boys and girls, as well as with adults.. She is in seventh grade at a common school, where she shows good performance.

The third, also for 3 little brothers. Daniel is 7 years old and is the oldest. His sisters are María, 3, and Estefanía, 2.. He told the family judge that he is in charge of his file, that wants to be adopted along with the girls, since the three have a very close bond of affection. They called on families from all over the country to adopt them together and to accompany them in their growth, providing them with an environment of affection and care according to their age.

Dani attends second grade in a regular primary school. He is shown as an active and scattered child, and attends psychological therapy. The girls attend the educational center in charge of the device, according to their ages. The largest is curious and calm. Although he presents a diagnosis of positive HIV, the viral load is undetectable, and responds favorably to the indicated treatment. The youngest is cheerful and playful, and has a lot of energy.

And the last one is from two little friends who have such a strong bond that they consider themselves brothers. Leon, the oldest, has 9 years, and he is a shy boy, who enjoys playing with his friends and doing sports: the one he likes the most is basketball. He also loves to participate in boy scout groups. His brother Martin has one year lessand is characterized by being sociable, friendly and affectionate.

Both children are diagnosed with mild mental retardation, and have the single certificate of disability (CUD). The oldest receives psychological treatment, while the youngest periodically visits a speech therapist. They attend third and fourth grade of primary school with a support teacher.

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