one had an arrest warrant «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Two men, 30 and 34 years old, were arrested this morning after stealing the wheel of a truck parked in Olavarria and Paso and try to flee the place by car.

Official sources reported that this Saturday morning, personnel from the ninth police station patrolling the commercial area of ​​Güemes observed how two men stole the wheel of a car parked in Olavarria and Paso, then get on a volkswagen bora car and escape.

The flight of the criminals began a chase through different parts of the city, which was seen by the operators of the Operations and Monitoring Center, who provided the data so that policemen from the second police station would join the procedure.

The criminals left the volkswagen bora on Paso y Salta avenue to continue the escape on foot, but they were apprehended a few meters away, in Vieytes and Jujuy.

The police verified at first glance that there were elements in the abandoned car to commit illicit, so with the authorization of the Flagrancia Prosecutor’s Office, an emergency search was carried out, in which tools such as chain cutters, cross keys, screwdrivers were found. , a spare tire, a green vehicle identification card and a cell phone, such items were seized along with the car.

The police entered the names of those arrested into the police computer system and verified that one of them, identified as Eliseo Ibarguengoitia (30) had an active arrest warrant requested on December 13, 2020 by the Criminal Enforcement Court 1, which specified that if he is detained he must be taken to the Criminal Unit 15 . In addition, he had an active whereabouts requested by the Office for the Determination of Perpetrators, requested in October 2019.

Regarding the stolen wheel, it was possible to find the victim, owner of a Ford Ranger truck.

Both apprehended were charged with “attempted robbery.”

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