On the Corrientes-Misiones border they seized illegal anabolic steroids

Agents from the “El Arco” Road Safety Section, on the border between the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones, gendarmes dependent on Squadron 50 “Posadas”, verified the existence of illegal merchandise when opening two parcels

When making the opening, by judicial order, the gendarmes observed two boxes with suspicious characteristics.

They verified the existence of 751 boxes of different anabolics and 80 packages of cigarettes in violation of Law 22,415 of the “Customs Code”.

Before witnesses, the officials proceeded to inspect the seized packages and found 751 boxes with different anabolic steroids (tablets, ampoules and bottles) and 80 bundles of foreign cigarettes, without documentation to support their origin.

The intervening Federal Court of Posadas ordered the seizure, storage and custody of the merchandise in violation of Law 22,415 “Customs Code”.

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