On Netflix there is The Sandman, the “impossible” TV series that nobody wanted to produce

For some days there has been a bit of excitement on the net and among the “serial addicted” community after the arrival of The Sandman, new Netflix series available in Italy (and in the rest of the world) from 5 August. A highly anticipated series that comes in streaming after years of speculation, of rewritten scripts and directors who have left their jobs at the opening bars. Net of expectations, The Sandman it works in every small part. It’s a show that works thanks to a cohesive and impactful story that mixes reality and fiction for a philosophical tale on the eternal struggle between good and evil and which lays bare the human soul. A highly anticipated, but also very controversial project, which bears the signature of Neil Gaiman and David S. Goyer, two sacred monsters of pop culture. The former is a very prolific author who is also the “dad” of The Sandaman; the second is one of the most popular screenwriters of the moment. Comic book author who signed the de The man of Steelwhich brought the myth of Leonardo da Vinci to TV in a twilight series.

Two names, one guarantee. In fact, the final release is something well above expectations. A series that appears to be a episod moviesi, curated in writing, directing and choosing the cast. It is as if Netflix has finally churned out a noteworthy series after a bunch of unexciting projects. But why The Sandman is making people talk about themselves this way? It is a series that has had a difficult gestation, in the pipeline since 1989. And now we explain what lies behind its success.

Religious mysticism and Greek mythology, the story of The Sandman

Summarizing the plot is not easy. We are in 1916, during the First World War which is tearing Europe apart. In the shadow of what is happening, a man rich and unscrupulous ends up kidnapping Morpheus, the king of the dream world and one of the seven Eternals. The man who has extraordinary powers and acts as a sort of “guardian” between him and our world, ends up in a glass prison for over a century. If Mr. Burgess finds a way to stay afloat thanks to the influence of Morpheus, the world behind him falls apart, struck by a disease that thins the line between dream and wakefulness. A century later, Morpheus manages to find a way out but it is too late. Like the Earth, his kingdom has also been destroyed and is no longer what it used to be. There divinity, however, he does not lose heart. Determined to restore the lost order, Morpheus even comes to terms with himself in order to carry out his impossible mission.

And the praise from Stephen King

A one-of-a-kind series that unites the philosophy to religious mysticism and sinking its hands in Greek and Latin mythology, mixing myths, legends and superstitions. The public is thus faced with a project that spans multiple topics, which questions human nature, what is right and what can be wrong. And that asks questions about life after death and how we are connected with our dreams, and how much they can affect our nature. The Sandaman is this and much more. It’s a complete series, it’s both a short story Fantasy than a dreamlike and seductive story. Of such great impact that, since the television project was announced, many exponents of today’s cultural and literary environment have expressed a positive opinion on The Sandman. Chief among them is the Thrill King who, through his profiles, has revealed that he is a huge fan of the character and is an “envious of his success” of him. Most importantly, he believes the The Sandman is something that goes far beyond entertainment, revealed that Netflix is ​​about to bring “the most epic saga of our time” to TV.

Before the TV series there was a graphic novel

As has already been pointed out, the Netflix series is inspired by one comic series which was written and conceived by Neil Gaiman, today also at the helm of the script. Published under the brand of DC Comics from 1988 until 1996, this is the first image series that was conceived as a real novel, marking a turning point between comics and graphic novels. Not at home on Sandman Gaiman represented a sort of Golden Age for DC, allowing the publishing house to win a lot of awards, rewarded not only by readers but also by industry critics. According to Entertainment Weekly, the comic ranks 46th in the classification of the most famous literary works of the last century. This is because a cure is recognized in drawings and stories, embellishing the story with elements of philosophy, history and mythology. In fact, it represents a rare case of (winning) congestion of various narrative genres. There are 75 issues in all which, subsequently, were grouped into 10 collector’s volumes. In Italy the first register arrives only in 1991. The TV series with comics shares many themes, above all it does not disappoint the actor chosen to play Morfeo who finds in Tom Sturridge a man of great talent.

The Joseph Gordon-Lewitt movie that was never made

Even before the project arrived on Netflix and became a TV series, The Sandman it was to become a film for the big screen and was written, directed and starring Joseph Gordon Lewitt. The actor, well known in the world of cinema independent, he had confessed to being a huge fan of the Gaiman comic and was very happy to be working on the project. The complications came almost immediately. In light of a very complex narrative arc so as not to be condensed into a two-hour film, the actor decided to abandon the directing first and then also the screenplay. In 2014 the project was definitively canceled.

Who is Neil Gaiman?

He is considered one of the most talented writers of our time. In his career he has ranged in fiction novels for adults and children, but he was the author of fantasy works of great depth such as Good apocalypse to all And American Gods. In addition to that writer is an essayist is, in fact, a cartoonist. It is said that it was Gaiman who proposed himself to DC Comics as an author, when in 1984, he sent the publishing house some corrections to Swamp Things by Alan Moore. The management liked them so much that, in the end, the writer was approached to make a graphic novel. The DC needed new voices to market after the stalemate caused by The Crisis on Infinite Earths. Before The Sandman is released Black Orchid, but the author was not satisfied. He is pushed to develop a story that is disconnected from the world of comics and that can be attractive to a more adult audience. Thus was born the myth of The Sandman and all the rest is history.

Why see The Sandam on Netflix

The series also deserves to be seen for that kind of audience that doesn’t like a narrative genre so out of the box. People like her because she has a dynamic story that never gets boring. It convinces with its blend of fantasy and coming-of-age drama and, above all, pleases it because it gives the viewer a cynical and disaffected look at the world of yesterday.

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