Nuevo León: March for the diversity of the LGBTTTIQ community

MONTERREY, NL.-This Saturday Thousands of members of the LGBTTTIQ community marched through the streets of the city center in order to continue demanding equality and inclusionrespect for all their rights, there was no lack of those who joined the claims, where different phrases were expressed on cardboard, there were even messages related to the water crisis that Nuevo León is going through at the moment: “This joto wants water” .

in this march they also protested for all those victims of gender violence in any of its forms, with phrases such as:

“For those who died in silence”, “Your hate kills, my love liberates”, and “Teach your children to respect, love and not judge”.

Were about 15 thousand attendees to this march who participated in the 21 March of Diversity, where they gathered in front of the Anaya Station, on Line 2 of the Metro, from here they traveled through various avenues until they culminated in a concentration in front of the Government Palace.

At the start of the march they were Mariana Rodríguez, coordinator of the Loving Nuevo León Unit and wife of Governor Samuel García and Mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio.

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