“Now when my husband comes back you will see”, the phrase with which the woman threatened Mora Negretti «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

-What are you doing, crazy as f…? You’re going to kill someone!

-What’s wrong with you, with… your mother? Now when my husband comes back you will see!

The above are two of the different phrases that, according to the judicial investigation, were exchanged between the people who were at the bus stop and in department C on the 7th floor of the Rawson and Sarmiento building, before the attack took place. crime of Martin Mora Negretti (30)this Sunday morning.

as far as he could tell THE CAPITALafter almost being hit by bags of water and ice that were thrown from the window of the building, different passers-by, including the victim and her friends, reproached the vandals for their actions and, in particular, insulted a woman who would be Marilyn Brisa Vera González (23). This, on her part, responded with a threat, which would indicate that at that time her partner, identified as Julio Cesar Bibbówas not in the place.

According to the reconstruction of the case, at that time, Bibbó and one of his minor nephews had gone out to make a purchase at a market in the area that is open 24 hours a day. Upon returning to the building, the young man with the adolescent reportedly found out about the argument and went down to the sidewalk again to commit the act.

Julio César Bibbó (21) was arrested this Monday.

the crime of Martin Mora Negretti It occurred this Sunday, between 1 and 2 in the morning, when the victim was waiting for the group to arrive after celebrating his 30th birthday with a friend and two women. According to the preliminary version of the event, from one of the apartments of the building located on the corner of Rawson and Sarmiento they began to throw bags of ice at the young people.

This situation led to a discussion and, in circumstances that are the subject of investigation, three young men and a woman descended from the seventh floor, allegedly carrying knives with which they attacked the two men. Mora Negretti suffered a stab from behind that caused her death, while her friend only superficial cuts.

The minors were the first apprehended and were placed at the disposal of the prosecutor of the Juvenile Criminal Responsibility Jurisdiction, Marcelo Yanez Urrutia, before whom they gave an exculpatory version. Because of their age they are not liable to criminal charges (one is 14 and the other two are 15 years old) they remain locked up under an exceptional measure, although in the next few hours they could be returned to their parents.

Meanwhile, the woman -identified as Marilyn Brisa Vera Gonzalez– she was detained and placed at the disposal of the public prosecutor of the jurisdiction of the elderly, Leandro Arevalo. The same investigator this Monday also ordered the capture of Bibbó, his partner, 21 years old and with a criminal record.

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