“No rapist inside, no impunity for Solidarity”… The #NousToutes collective gathered to call for the resignation of Darmanin and Abad

“No rapist inside, no impunity to Solidarity”, intone the feminists in heart. A hundred people gathered for an hour, this Monday evening, on the Place du Châtelet in Paris to demonstrate against the appointments to the government of ministers Gérald Darmanin and Damien Abad, accused of sexist and sexual violence. “The rally was organized in haste, following the new revelations from Mediapart about Damien Abad, and the results of the legislative elections,” says Pauline Baron, national coordinator of the movement. #WeAll.

The two ministers, who were elected in their respective constituencies yesterday, get their place in the Assembly for five years. Following the legislative elections, and the defeat of certain ministers in other constituencies, a ministerial reshuffle should take place in the coming days. A window of opportunity for the organizers of the rally. With striking slogans, they call for the resignation of the two men.

“The great cause of the quinquennium”

“They are both in key positions in the fight for gender equality,” explains Pauline Baron. Darmanin, as the first cop in France, is responsible for training law enforcement on the management of gender-based and sexual violence. And Damien Abad, at the head of the Ministry of Solidarity, leads the departmental committees to fight against this violence. During the speeches, the activists denounce the lack of coherence between their appointments and the government’s desire to make gender equality “the great cause of the five-year term”.

To materialize their dissatisfaction, the activists organized their own vote. “We brought a ballot box and we invite all those who want the resignation of Gérald Darmanin and Damien Abad to slip in a ballot with their demands. They plan to subsequently send these bulletins to the Elysée, for the President and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

” Shame “

Only two words appear on the bulletin of Alice, 24 years old: “Shame! “Already, because these men should be ashamed,” explains the young woman. She believes that her desire to see them resign is not about to be realized. “I also wrote this because I am ashamed of our government, of the people who represent us,” she adds. Even tired from her long day at work, she insisted on attending the demonstration. “It’s a question of common sense in fact, we can’t let that happen,” adds her friend Flore.

“Many put forward the presumption of innocence, but it is not only a legal question, explains Emilio, teacher-researcher. These appointments also raise moral and ethical questions. To move forward on these famous questions, the #NousToutes collective is organizing a large-scale march in November. “We can clearly see that there has been an evolution in violence against women in society, rejoices Pauline Baron. But institutions and politicians have not yet had this awareness. They give us, at best, fine words. »

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