No buses at night? The night service of public transport in Salta would be in danger

It is not the first time that, in recent times, the possibility that the provision of night service in public passenger transport could be suspended has been heard. Now that possibility sounds again, as part of a national claim.

What is this situation about? In the last hours it was revealed a statement issued by the Argentine Federation of Automotive Passenger Transporters (FATAP) indicating that, if they do not have answers to their demands for the subsidies promised by the National Government to the service providers, they would suspend the groups that circulate at night.

The statement begins by emphasizing the “great effort” they make in the midst of “very unfavorable conditions”, listing that de the $70,000 million that are necessary to provide the service, from the National Executive they designated only $38,000 million, which is 45% less than requested.

“The constant increases in the price of diesel, the certain risk of depletion of the available stock and the lack of replacement by the consumerjeopardize the continuity and regularity of services throughout the interior of the country”, they add as a problem that the sector is going through.

“It is impossible meet salaries, bonuses and expenses, such as fuel, lubricants, tires, repairs and insurance”

That is why, without a substantive solution, they warned: “The companies that provide public transport services for urban and suburban passengers in the interior of the country must reschedule services, giving priority to peak hours over off-peak hours, suspending them between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the next day.”

Finally, they asserted that this measure is not something they do with pleasure. “We deeply regret the setbacks that this measure will cause, but we adapt it with the conviction that it is the only way to avoid the total paralysis of the system”, they concluded.

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