Niro EX 2022: It’s time to write a new story

A few weeks ago we met in person the successor of the Niro that we present to you here, it was during the Corona Capital Guadalajara, where the oriental brand set up a very ecological stand so that those attending the festival could learn about the new forms of the Niro and take a tour of the companies that support the sustainability of the environment and their offer of solutions.

In the case of the new Niro 2023, next week I will share my driving impressions with you, but first, it’s time to say goodbye to the model that, at least until this week, continues to be sold in this form and that we had the opportunity to drive for a few days before the new iteration begins to arrive.

Obviously by now you already know everything about the current Niro, but I will dedicate these lines to highlighting interesting aspects of this product that will evolve soon. To begin with, the design “aged” harmoniously, what’s more, even with the new Niro at the door, this product still looks very modern and fresh, mainly on the front, with those forms that came to refresh it and at the time they updated it in a good way.

Inside, the equipment, at least until this year, already offered things like a larger 8-inch screen, with compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, of which we hope that the next Niro will already come with a wireless option (we already know part of it). of the equipment, but until it becomes official it will be a fact). Also, comfort was one of its strengths, if what you want is a car that treats you like a queen or like a king, in that area have no doubt that the current Niro can offer you.

In this sense, because of the space, it is a good option for those who want a medium-sized car, with the capacity to take a family of four or up to five members, with good space in the rear bench and a large trunk. And it is that its silhouette type SUV or small SUV, rather, makes it very capable in its habitability.

The trunk is 652 liters and this figure can be increased to 1,453 liters by folding down the rear bench seats.

Safety is another aspect that Kia has not neglected, since it has the family of assistance called “DriveWise”, in which we have systems such as Lane Following Assist, lane maintenance, collision warning from the blind spot, among others, as well as seven airbags, including one for the driver’s knees.

Although Kia products are characterized by premature material wear, in this case the Niro has held up well over time. THE INFORMER/M. Castle

great performance

If there is one thing where the Niro can definitely make you go for it, it is fuel consumption performance, with a figure that can reach up to almost 27 kilometers per liter, something that is appreciated every time you go (perhaps once every two weeks, depending on your needs) to the gas station to refuel and have to pay high prices per liter.

Its hybrid engine delivers a smooth response from initial acceleration, thanks to the fact that the start is completely electric, which of course opens the door for you to also have a rough start and the car will respond. Obviously, it reaches a point where the combustion engine kicks in and improves the car’s performance, to the detriment of electric and gasoline autonomy. However, the energy is obtained both from the engine and from the moments of deceleration, so if you are in a heavy traffic situation, the car will continue to be supplied with energy.

Therefore, we have a Niro for a while and, depending on the price with which its successor arrives, it can be a great option that barely exceeds 600 thousand pesos.

Almost 27 kilometers per liter sounds very attractive to get a current generation Niro. THE INFORMER/M. Castle

Data sheet


L4, 1.5 liters; Power: 103 HP @ 5,200 rpm. Torque: 108 pound-feet @ 4,000 rpm. Total hybrid power: 146 HP and 195 pound-feet of torque.




Automatic double clutch, with 6 speeds.


With ventilated discs at the front and solid discs at the rear, with ABS.


Front: Independent McPherson strut with stabilizer bar.

Rear: Independent MultiLink with stabilizer bar.


With electrical assistance.

Dimensions (mm)

Length: 4,355.

Width: 1,805.

High: 1,545.

Wheelbase: 2,700.


Weight: 1,512 kilograms.

Tank: 45 liters.

Trunk: 652 liters.


618,900 pesos (variable price).


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