Neymar’s medical report exacerbated the uncertainty: “We will have to wait at least 24 hours to see how serious it is”

The image of Neymar with his head tucked into his shirt, sitting on the bench after being substituted in the match against Serbia for the Qatar 2022 World Cup while two doctors checked his right ankle, became the great alarm for the Brazil team.

The victory against Serbia is a balm before the departure due to injury of their star, who took a hard blow to his right ankle that swelled to the point of worrying all Brazilians.

The doctor of the Brazilian team, Rodrigo Lasmar, confirmed that Neymar has sprained his right ankle and that he will have to wait at least 24 hours to find out the extent of the injury.

“Neymar has a sprain. We have treated him immediately at the bank and now he continues with the physio. We have to wait 24/48 hours to better understand the extent of the injury,” said Lasmar.

Neymar’s ankle (Photos: AP and AFP)

Tite, coach of the Brazilian team, added that Neymar was playing eleven minutes with ankle pain. He is optimistic about his recovery. In any case, in the next few hours the severity of the injury will be known. Verdeamarela’s next match will be against Switzerland on Monday.

Tite, the Brazil coach, is confident that Neymar will be able to continue playing in the World Cup, despite the injury he suffered this Thursday in the match against Serbia.

Neymar suffered a sprained right ankle (Photo: Reuters)

“We trust that Neymar will be able to continue playing,” Tite said at a press conference, after confirming that the Brazilian continued on the court for eleven minutes, despite the fact that his right ankle was already hurting. “He has done it to help his team. He is very admirable,” he added. /TN

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