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With a futuristic look and impressive symmetrical designs that exude elegance and endless possibilities, the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, Nova 10 and Nova 10 Pro models arrive in Guatemala at all MAX Stores.

The Huawei Mate 50 Pro is the leader of the popular DxOMark photography ranking, surpassing the photographic performance of the best premium-range phones released throughout 2022.

It presents a great step forward in the aesthetics of smartphones, thanks to the symmetrical design of Space Ring, and an intricate and striking stepped relief design named Clous de Paris.

The device contains a multi-layered camera module. It consists of lenses, decorative rings and a lower crater. Combined with the P3 color gamut, these are precisely calibrated to ensure the best visual authenticity and offer users a 120Hz refresh rate and 1440Hz PWM dimming, which reduces flicker to alleviate eye fatigue. It also includes a dual stereo speaker system and an improved sound effects engine.

Low Battery Emergency Mode is essentially a saving mode that uses EMUI 13’s powerful algorithms and a technology called SuperEnergy Boosting. This feature activates in low battery conditions (1%), and allows you to safely draw more power from the battery without damaging it.

In this low battery emergency mode, the phone is capable of maintaining 3 hours of standby time or 12 minutes of calls. And all this without harming the useful life of the battery.

beauty comes first

From the first generation of Nova to now, they have continued to create iconic designs and push the boundaries of aesthetics. Each generation of Nova products has delivered phenomenal mobile photography results, bringing enhanced camera performance and constantly acting as a forerunner of technological innovation.

The Huawei Nova 10 and Nova 10 Pro come equipped with the world’s first 60MP ultra-wide autofocus front camera, which supports an ultra-wide angle of 100 degrees with a 1/2.61-inch sensor with the ability to record in 4K quality, offering a excellent resolution and sensitivity to light.

They also contain dual stereo speakers, thanks to the ultra-wide sound field provided by Histen technology. With the Nova 10 Pro you will have a full battery again in approximately 20 minutes, ready for you to enjoy your favorite series, movies and games again.

Recording and editing take up a large part of the day to day for a content creator. From short-form video content on platforms like TikTok to full-length vlogging on YouTube or Facebook, creators around the world are increasingly interested in smartphones that offer both quality and convenience to keep up with the latest demands. demands of your job.

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