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Once again, the whales surprised the people of Mar del Plata and today tourists walked along the coast. Around noon, they could be seen in the Torreón del Monje area where, a few meters from the coast, it was possible to observe how they jumped and moved in the water.

Meanwhile, a similar situation was recorded around 5 pm in Constitución and the coast.

As it is a situation that is repeated at this time, days ago, the Naval Prefecture, recalled the measures that must be taken into account to navigate and perform various water activities.

In this sense, any person who carries out sports nautical activity (kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking, rowing, coastal or embarked sport fishing, stand up paddle, light sailing or others that could be implemented) or commercial, before the sighting of cetaceans must maintain a safe distance of at least 200 meters.

The approach or proximity to cetaceans during the development of diving activities, whether in a sporting or commercial way, is prohibited in order to avoid accidents or events that may cause injury to people or specimens.

Speed ​​must also be reduced and, without stopping the march, vigilance precautions must be taken, in order to avoid collisions or approaches at distances less than that indicated, especially during the time of greatest presence, between May and December of each year.

In addition, you must immediately inform the Mar del Plata Traffic Management Center “L2U Coastal Station” via VHF channels of the Maritime Mobile Service or the nautical emergency number 106 in case of colliding with cetaceans or witnessing such a situation. The same temperament should be adopted when the presence of stranded or injured specimens is verified.

Photos: @dronmardelplata

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