Neurosurgeon who treated Guadalupe Codes stated: "The doctors were worried, it was chaotic"

“They explained to me that during the application of a medication was done intrathecally (Note: through the spine) which did not correspond because it should have been intravenous. They called me because they needed to evacuate that drug that was Vincristine. It was a chaotic situation, the doctors were worried. It was not a meeting of ordinary doctors, “graphed the witness.

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The professional said that in a meeting they explained to him that the accused doctors had applied Vincristine through the spine, which was not appropriate because it should have been intravenous.

Urquizu added that his colleagues detailed what the error was: “They said that when they were inserting intrathecal Vincristine they realized it, stopped and took out the syringe. They added that they did not manage to apply the entire dose.”

The neurosurgeon was the one in charge of performing the spinal lavage on Guadalupe Codes in an effort to eliminate the misapplied medication. Although from the third day she began to see a deterioration in the girl, especially when she lost her reflections in her lower limbs.

“The father asked me why and how this had happened. I explained that the dose had been misadministered”he remembered.


The doctors accused of malpractice with their defense attorneys.

The doctors accused of malpractice with their defense attorneys.

Malpractice in the case of Guadalupe Codes?

Guadalupe Codes was 9 years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia, a type of blood cancer. On August 24, 2015, she entered the Spanish Hospital to begin her oncological treatment with Vincristine, a powerful drug to prevent the progression of the disease.

The prosecution maintains that Piatti and Bacciedoni gave the injection directly into the girl’s spine when they were supposed to do it intravenously., which caused an ascending paraplegia. Two days later they applied the second dose, this time through his veins but “outside the protocols.”

The girl’s health condition worsened over the days and she was taken to the Notti hospital. He ended up losing his life the following November 20.

Piatti and Bacciedoni came to trial with a double accusation: simple homicide with possible intent -from 8 to 25 years- or manslaughter -from 1 to 5 years-. In addition, the civil case will be resolved in the debate since there is a compensation claim of more than $5 million.

The theory of the defenses is that the Vincristine did not reach the marrow of Guadalupe Codes and that in reality the cause of death was the side effects produced by methotrexate, another oncological drug that was applied correctly that day.

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