Netflix’s unexpected request to Noah Schnapp to continue in Stranger Things


The fourth season of stranger things is getting closer to hitting Netflix and Noah Schnapp shared some trivia such as the unexpected production order. Meet him.

Noah Schnapp©GettyNoah Schnapp

After three years of waiting and with a pandemic in between, the fourth season ofstranger things is closer to release than ever. will be next May 27 when the first part of new episodes is added to the catalog of netflix. On this occasion, the producers have decided to divide the new edition into two previews, then they will launch a fifth season in the finale.

However, beyond anxiety the return of stranger thingsand know what will happen with the hawkins boys, the series will experience many changes. Of course, the changes have nothing to do with the plot, but with the casting. Well, it must be said that since the last time the actors got into their respective characters, they have changed a lot.

Three years is a long time and the members of the cast stranger things They have grown up, they are no longer children and it shows. But, the truth is that their characters are still in the same timeline they started out in, which is to say they’re still teenagers. So much so that the production had to manage to keep viewers seeing the actors that way despite their physical and vocal changes.

For it, from Netflix, they made a special and somewhat unusual request to Noah Schnapp. The actor, who gives life to Will Byergave an interview to Today on the occasion of the promotion of the fourth edition and, there, he told how they faced the differences they experienced at that time. ” I remember in the second season, they told me that I had to lower the tone of my voice, that I had to speak at a different level and be lower… I said, ‘I can’t do that, I’m more like that“, explained the artist.

For its part, Gaten Matarazzowho was also one of the guests of the report in Todaysaid that for these new episodes ” there are differences between scene and scene, but it was recorded well”. Likewise, he, between two laughs, declared that he had no problem during the filming because he had not grown too much: “ I’ve been the same size since I was 14“, he assured. On the other hand, he confessed that he believes what they’ve done in the story with these physical changes in the cast, ” logic”.

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