Netflix: the shocking action thriller that became one of the most watched titles of the long weekend

Netflix continues to release hits this 2022. The streaming platform was on everyone’s lips with the premiere of the fourth season of “stranger things“, received an unexpected barrage of praise for the sports drama of Adam Sandler and, this week, it is once again the favorite of the viewers with the premiere of “Collision“, the action movie that breaks records.

Collisionis a South African film 99 minutes long that was added to the Netflix catalog on June 16, and since then it has managed to captivate users to position itself as the fourth most viewed of the long weekend in Latin Americadespite having received mixed reviews from the specialized press.

What is “Collision”, Netflix’s latest hit, about?

It lasts 99 minutes and is one of the most watched movies of the long weekend.

The film directed by Fabien Martorell follows the desperation of a couple in crisis who must put everything aside to save his daughter’s life from the clutches of a major crime boss. Here interests, fears and other situations are intermingled that will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish, in one of the most viewed and impressive stories on Netflix.

It’s stunning from start to finish. For 99 minutes this production will keep you waiting; each situation takes you to a higher plane in which you never know what will happen, because there are various turns that make everything change in a matter of seconds. However, his story is not the only one followed by the camera: the film develops three different, but related plotsto deal with issues such as racism and xenophobia:

John (Langley Kirkwood) is a white man with racist attitudes who blames inclusion and integration policies for his economic failure and whose relationship with his wife Diane (Tessa Juber) Hang on a wire. Sun Bra (Vuyo Dabula) is a gangster who commits terrible actions in order to build a school to help migrant children, even if that involves trafficking women. Mr. Dinoko (Pheello Kotelo) is a shopkeeper whose xenophobia towards Nigerians leads him to make a decision that changes his life and that of his daughter Palesa (Samke Makhoba) forever.

The fiction was praised for showing the very real social drama that exists in the streets of the African country: kidnapping, extortion and other situations that endanger the members of the families of two characters who are part of very dangerous gangs are the central axis of this story that beyond being based on the danger shows once again how criminal gangs operate which, despite being eliminated by police forces, they continue to threaten society.

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