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As confirmed Netflixthe fourth season of you filming began on March 22, and today the streaming service released its first official poster with release dates and more details on its history.

In the next installment of the psychological thriller, the actor Penn Badgley He will return to his role as Joe Goldberg, this time concentrating his life on the academic world, although without leaving out his peculiar extracurricular activities.

“I’m not the lovable bookstore manager in New York or the store clerk in LA, or the doting suburban husband. Not anymore,” Joe says in the first official trailer for the fourth part of the story, which shows off the new features of this particular man.

“I went through a bit of refinement crossing the pond and living in London allowed me to bury the past,” continues the new Goldberg.

When does season 4 premiere you?

The fourth season of you It will arrive in 2023 and will be divided into two parts: the first will be broadcast on February 9 and the second on March 9.

According to the information revealed so far, there will be many new faces that will come to the series, although another that will be back will be Taty Gabrielle, who plays Marienne. Apparently, she will continue to be Joe’s obsession.

In addition to Badgley, the central cast of the fourth installment of the thriller is made up of Ed Speleers (Rhys), Amy Leigh Hickman (Nadia), Tilly Keeper (Phoebe), Charlotte Ritchie (Kate) and Lukas Gage (Adam); among others.

What is known about the fourth season?

The third installment of you premiered in October 2021 and showed the protagonists (badgley beside victoria pedretti) married and raising their baby.

They lived in the Madre Linda neighborhood in Northern California, a place also home to wealthy tech entrepreneurs, moms influencers and bloggers, among others.

As a father and husband, Joe was committed to doing both tasks 100 percent, but Love’s impulses ended up terrifying him; In addition, a temptation returned to his life due to the neighbor next door.

It was a season of great losses and tragedies for him, according to what the Showrunner of the production revealed in an interview.

Now, part 4 of this story will focus on how the protagonist recovers something that he lost and how he finds something else.

you (T4) premieres its first part on February 9, 2023. The second will land a month later, on March 9. In Netflix.

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