Neighbors of the murderous grandfather concerned about his presence in the neighborhood

The perception that one has when walking along the sidewalks of the Bahía Blanca neighborhood is that there is concern on the part of many of its neighbors due to the release of Domingo Faustino Verna, the 76-year-old man who killed his grandson with five bullets last Monday.

From the moment of the event until today, most of the inhabitants of the sector have not wanted to comment to the media on the type of relationship they had with Verna, who is president of the Development Society. However, off the air, everyone agreed that he was an extremely strict person, close to violent.

One of the neighbors told an anecdote, in which Verna threatened boys who played soccer in the sector with a firearm.

Relatives of the accused assured The Compass 24 that he is not in the house on Calle Cobián at 600, but the suspicion of his neighbors is that he is protected there.

Despite the fact that her daughter Mariel requested police custody, this could not be carried out, but patrolling in the sector was increased to prevent acts of violence.

The woman will go in the next few hours to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to request a perimeter, since she lives 20 meters from the place where the events occurred.

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