Necaxa thanks ‘Chucho’ López and there is already talk that he could play for a Guatemalan team

Antonio de Jesus Lopezbetter known as “Chucho” Lopez did not enter the plans of the technician the rays of Necaxa Jaime Lozanoand the club terminated the relationship with the player even though he still had six months left on his contract.

Lopez, Guatemala national team and even player of the ‘Aguilas’ of America of Mexico, has an uncertain future since he will have to find a team to continue his career.

It is spoken ofto the possibility that it lands again in the ‘Nido de Coapa’ and wear the colors again of the American group, also that I can go to another group in Mexico and even a departure to the United States.

But also in the last few hours, rumors have been heard that he could come to play soccer in Guatemala, and after confirmation of the Mexican coach Juan Antonio Torres Servin to Municipal, East He would have asked the scarlet club to negotiate with Club América for ‘Chucho’ to come to the reds on loan.

The Guatemalan nationalized Mexican has an uncertain future after leaving Necaxa. (Free Press Photo: File)

The truth that so far the scarlet team has not commented on it, much less the player, but in the next few hours the future talented player would be known who is part of Luis Fernando Tena’s team in the national soccer team.

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