Nearly 60 businesses in Lerdo, at risk of being affected by the Agua Saludable pipelines

Although it is unknown where the pipelines would pass to serve both La Laguna de Durango and Coahuila through the Healthy Water Project, the municipality of Lerdo recently detected the cleaning of the margins of the federal highway to León Guzmán, a site in where at least 60 businesses are installed, especially in the Los Angeles area, which would be affected if the lines pass through that area.

Mayor Homero Martínez Cabrera commented that the project has been requested to the National Water Commission (Conagua) over and over again to find out the details and possible effects without the information being delivered so far.

According to the mayor, said section was in plans to be municipalized so that the city council was responsible, but in the face of such works that were detected, they will seek to review the issue with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

Although the Municipality is still not clear about the affectations, it assumes that the Federation, in an effort to save payment of rights to the ejidatarios or the owners of land through which the pipes would be passing, could pass through the federal route.

“It is still not very clear where the effects would be, so obviously I imagine that it is to save money and not pay the rights of way with the ejidatarios or the owners of the lands through which the tubes cross, that is a challenge that we have”, said the mayor, who commented that a meeting was planned for this Thursday with the director of the North Central Basin Organization of the Conagua, Aarón Fuentes and Antonio Zamora, deputy general director of Water Administration, which was postponed due to issues of COVID.

According to the mayor, these issues are those that were intended and are expected to be addressed with the federal authorities. “In that part we will be concerned, it is an issue that we have to analyze ourselves, we have the municipality’s own infrastructure where we already have drainage water networks and we have conduction lines where they are primary and secondary, and in that part it is what we are asking for. check; My commitment is with Lerdo and I respect the issue of Conagua a lot, however, I have asked them over and over again for the executive project to tell us where”.

And it is that he commented that, in terms of permit issues, the Directorate of Public Works has not received any request in this regard from those responsible. “They are one of the challenges that we have to work together so that this project at the end of the day is in our best interest to carry it out but with the least impact,” he insisted.

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