NBA: Check the results of Wednesday’s day and know the tables of each conference

This Thursday, November 24, is Thanksgiving Day in North America, so there is a break in the NBA calendar and gives time to review the latest results and the situation of each team.

On the night of Wednesday, November 23, several games were played. One of them ended with a triumph of the Celtics before the Mavericks. With this, Boston continues to comfortably lead the Eastern Conference with an aggregate of 14-4while Dallas ranks tenth in the West with a 9-8.

At the same time, the raptors they fell as locals before the Nets. The Canadian team is now with a mark of 9-9 ranking eighth in the East. For their part, those from Brooklyn reach a 9-10fighting to rise from tenth place in the same table.

The bucks suffered a setback before the visit of the bulls. Milwaukee’s defeat prevents them from closing the gap with the leader of the Eastern Conference, leaving them with a 12-5 in second place. Meanwhile, the Bulls remain eleventh with a record of 8-10.

The last of the games was a victory for the warriors before the Clippers. Golden State strengthens at home and continues to fight to increase its overall 9-10 and go up from the square n°11 of the West. The Angelenos are left with a 11-8 in the sixth position of the same classification.

The results

  • Cleveland Cavaliers 114-96 Portland Trail Blazers
  • Charlotte Hornets 107 – 101 Philadelphia 76ers
  • Indiana Pacers 101-115 Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Atlanta Hawks 115-106 Sacramento Kings
  • Miami Heat 113 – 105 Washington Wizards
  • Boston Celtics 125 – 112 Dallas Mavericks
  • Toronto Raptors 98-112 Brooklyn Nets
  • Milwaukee Bucks 113-118 Chicago Bulls
  • San Antonio Spurs 110 – 129 New Orleans Pelicans
  • Oklahoma City Thunder 126-131 Denver Nuggets
  • Utah Jazz 116-125 Detroit Pistons
  • Golden State Warriors 124 – 107 Los Angeles Clippers

Positions table

In the middle of a break after intense and exciting NBA games, it is time to review the situation of the teams, emphasizing the most solid ones and those that do not get results.

Regarding the first places of each Conference: Boston Celtics lead the East table with a good record of 14-10 and 9-1 in the last 10 games. While, the West is led by the Phoenix Suns with his 11-6 and 5-5 record of the last 10.

The escorts are: Milwaukee Bucks with a 12-5 for the East and Denver Nuggets with an 11-7 for the West, although in this table he adds to the fight New Orleans Pelicansalso being third with an 11-7.

Speaking of the renowned teams that are more complicated, we find los angeles lakers as the most affected, being penultimate in the West with a 5-11.

A little further up, in this same Conference we find Golden State Warriorswho do not find their game and are eleventh with a 9-10For now, even out of the play-ins.

Regarding the East table, Miami Heat is twelfth with an 8-11, out of the next phases. above appears Chicago Bulls, #11 with an 8-10 record.

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