Natural Resources justified capybara hunting: "They cause a lot of damage in the fields"

After the controversy unleashed in November 2021, which ended up costing an official his job, the Directorate of Natural Resources decided to enable capybara hunting throughout the territory of the Province of Corrientes as a sporting activity.

This is expressed in provision 252/22, dated May 11 signed by Agustín Portela, which resolves to enable small and large sport hunting and establishes a list of species within which the emblem mammal of the province appears.

The document argues that “recommendations from the corresponding Technical Departments that have carried out surveys in the different areas of the province and merited the impact of the fires suffered in many localities with the consequent loss of habitat of numerous native species” were considered.

Agustín Portela, in communication with Radio Dos, justified the killing of the capybaras because “they continue to cause a lot of damage to the producers’ fields.” In addition, he indicated that there is a sufficient quantity of this species in the province.

“Today we have the possibility of having a sufficient number of capybaras and being able to exploit it in another way. We have to look for a regulation mechanism. But it is a problem in the field, and we have discussed it with all the actors,” Portela said.

And then he added: “We have been talking with the men from the fields and we consult with people who know. There are those who tell us ‘how can it be that we cannot hunt a capybara'”.

“We also understand the protectionists. But finding the right balance is difficult. If this doesn’t work tomorrow, we will go back with the measure,” he said about the controversial decision to enable capybara hunting.

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