National Manicure Day, why is it celebrated on May 14?

Ornaments and care for beauty have been part of each culture throughout history, since the taste for aesthetics and the interest in differentiating ourselves within a group comes almost from birth, but at the same time feeling part of the itself fostered the appearance of customs that took root in the different civilizations of our history, although nothing would be the same without the special touch of manicure That this May 14 celebrates its day in our country.

It should be noted that the manicure has been one of these forms of expression of self and reaffirmation of women since time immemorial. The ease with which they could be decorated and the versatility that allowed their constant growth and, therefore, necessary reinvention (redecoration), made the manicure a element of vindication of feminine beauty.

It is important to know that the origin of the manicure dates back to the ancient Egypt, where henna was used as nail polish. In fact, the queen herself Cleopatra covered her nails with this natural dye to give them color, and the fashion later moved to China imperial, where Cixi, the empress, was known for her beautiful long nails.

From then until today “a lot of water passed under the bridge”, but the essence has always been maintained: it is that women have always wanted to feel beautiful and hands are an excellent way to demonstrate it to their own and strangers.

Cleopatra already had her own manicure.

The true popularization of the manicure came in the 70s from the hand of the industry of Hollywood. It was the French manicure, which is known as a natural or pale pink nail with a white tip. Film directors back then wanted the actresses’ nails to complement every costume change, they also wanted their hands to always look good and at the same time be part of the characters, regardless of the type of clothes they were wearing.

For example, Jeff Pinkfounder of Orlyone of the best-known nail polish brands of the time, came up with this design and named it after his friends from Parisafter many of these managed to get catwalk models to imitate Hollywood stars. “I realized that the most universal and elegant look is a natural nail look,” Pink sentenced.

1899 – The club was founded Montevideo Nationalwhich was born from the merger of Uruguay Athletic Y Montevideo Football Club. The “bag” It is considered one of the two greats of that country. He won three Copa Libertadores de América and 47 titles at the local level, among other achievements.

1900 – They started the Paris Olympics, which had the participation of 24 nations and almost 1000 athletes. The local won these games with 24 gold medals, followed by the United States with 19 and Great Britain with 15. Meanwhile, Alvin Kraenzlein He was left with four gold medals in athletics.

Antonio Berni: painter of enormous talent

1905 – Was born Antonio Bernie, who was a painter, engraver and muralist and was appointed as a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts. Among his most notable works are “The Woman in the Red Sweater”, “The Girl with the Book”, “The Girl with the Ball” Y “Boy Figure”, among other.

George Lucas: Dream Maker

1944 – Was born george lucaswho is an American filmmaker, philanthropist and businessman, who founded various film companies and won an Oscar in 1991. Among his most notable films are the saga of “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “Jurassic park” Y “Men in Black”, among other.

Miguel Angel Solá: enormous career

1950 – Was born Miguel Angel Sola, who is a film, television and theater actor, who is considered one of the best exponents of our country and Spain. Among his most important films are “The boys of war”, “There will be no more sorrows I will not forget” Y “High heels”, among other.

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