National Government: confirm year-end bonus although the amount is not defined

The Minister of Labor of the Nation, Raquel “Kelly” Olmos confirmed that the government is working with the idea of ​​a year-end bonus for registered workers, although it is not yet known what amount it will be and who it will reach within that sector of employees.

“We are working on the year-end bonus for the active sector framed in parities,” he assured, while the possibility of a fixed sum, more promoted by Kirchnerism, was ruled out. “The parity process that is being carried out is being very vigorous and achieving a high recovery,” said the official when rejecting that possibility.

On the other hand, he pointed out that a tool should also be generated for the informal sector of workers, the one hardest hit by high inflation and the absence of union representation, to achieve reorganizations in line with price increases.

“Many times there is a mechanism of precariousness through self-employment, which is this entire monotribute system, which can be very useful and virtuous to advance registration, but sometimes it conceals hiring mechanisms that are not correct,” Olmos acknowledged. .

In this direction, the official highlighted that “For it to be an effective job with rights, you have to maintain the effort for several years And that is why next year’s electoral process is so important, so that a process that once again destroys jobs and purchasing power does not return.”

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