National Council – Gaby Schwarz is to become the new Ombudsman

The ÖVP quickly clarified Werner Amon’s successor as Ombudsman. On Wednesday, the club executive unanimously voted in favor of Gaby Schwarz, a member of the National Council. This proposal by the People’s Party still has to be confirmed in one of the next meetings of the National Council.

Club boss August Wöginger wrote in a broadcast that Schwarz still needs the approval of the general assembly of the ÖVP parliamentary club tomorrow, Thursday. After that, the proposal will go to the main committee. In recent years, the woman from Burgenland has worked as a health and then also as a media spokeswoman in the ÖVP club for the interests of the people in this country. In addition, she is particularly distinguished by her commitment to crisis intervention.

Words of praise and congratulations came from the green coalition partner. Health spokesman Ralph Schallmeiner praised Schwarz’s determination, commitment and “her pragmatic approach to solving problems”.

FPÖ sees “bad joke”

Unlike the FPÖ, which described Schwarz’s nomination as a “bad joke”: This personnel decision was “an affront to the people, whose interests she has to protect as an Ombudsman,” said General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz. Schwarz is the “prime example of a party soldier who puts the well-being of the ÖVP above that of the population”.

At NEOS, vice club boss Nikolaus Scherak rated Schwarz as a “very likeable colleague” who was very knowledgeable in her area. However, it will first have to be seen whether they meet the requirement profile for Ombudspersons with competence in the field of human rights. In any case, her press conference at the time shortly before the raid on the ÖVP headquarters (“there is nothing to be found either”) did not give her a positive certificate. Scherak was critical of Werner Amon’s “felt 23rd spring”: “If you want to become an ombudsman, you should want to stay that way.”

Schwarz, whose father was mayor of Eisenstadt for many years, made a career for ORF Burgenland. Under Sebastian Kurz, the 59-year-old was won for the ÖVP, for which she moved into the National Council in 2017. In contrast to many other career changers, she quickly gained a foothold and represented the People’s Party in the BVT investigation committee. She was also Deputy General Secretary of the ÖVP for almost two years. Now follows Schwarz Amon, who will move to the Styrian state government in July. (apa)

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