Nadia Ferrera, "collecting unforgettable moments" with Marc Anthony, on tour in Europe

Mark Anthony has a full agenda of concerts in Europe. A tour in which he is touring the old continent with a very special companion: his fiancée Nadia Ferrerawho has not been separated from her boyfriend for a second since their engagement.

The two are traveling from city to city so that the salsero offers his concerts, which the Paraguayan model is enjoying in the front row. A few dream weeks that she is living and of which she is witnessing her fans with photos of their outfitsbut also of the unforgettable moments that he is collecting together with the interpreter of “Vivir mi vida”.

In the last post that the 23-year-old shared, she shared some images of one of her last concerts, the one in Madrid. In the photographs of her we see her walking hand in hand with him to the stage from the dressing room and then back. Meanwhile, she was enjoying the show of her boy with the footballer Sergio Ramos and his wife pillar blonde.

This snapshot album was titled: “Collecting unforgettable moments!”, making it clear that this trip is being like a honeymoon for them, that they are enjoying every second they spend together.

In a similar way, the 53-year-old singer summed up this trip that he is living with his fiancée. “Priceless moments in Europe,” he commented a few days ago along with a beautiful snapshot in which the two hugged while looking out a window at a beautiful green landscape.

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