Nacho Gutiérrez got married and shared an emotional message

Today, through his social networks, the television host Ignacio Nacho Gutierrez He shared the news that he contracted a civil marriage with Rodrigo, with whom they had already celebrated the Civil Union.

the bells ring

“We married!” The journalist started writing, in the description of the image that he uploaded to his personal Instagram in which the marriage book can be seen in the hands of the bride and groom.

“Today was the most important day of our lives and surrounded by our closest family we have decided to say yes before the law” added the driver.

“Because today we can all…here is our family notebook! Long live love Long live our Chile!” Attached in the description footer of your post.

For the rest, the journalist confirmed that he plans to throw a big party to celebrate the good news. “AND YES… the big party for extended family and friends is coming. And it’s coming BIG!”, statement that was quickly filled with comments of happiness, praise and well wishes.

Equal marriage in Chile

Since December 10 of last year it is legal in Chile for same-sex couples to marry. With the publication of this new law, Chile becomes the sixth country in Latin America to allow the union between people of the same sex and is part of the 25 nations that allow homosexual marriage in the world.

This new regulation also implies the filiation recognition. That is, it gives the option of adoption or assisted human reproduction techniques to homoparental families. Which means a big step in family matters.

Otherwise, there are patrimonial regimes that will regulate the economic relations of same-sex couples among themselves and with third parties. Something that people have been asking for for years.

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