“My father is a murderer, he was always violent and abusive”

Mariel is the mother of Brian Alexis Batalla Verna, the 29-year-old who was killed after being shot five times by his own grandfather – Domingo Faustino Verna – 76, at the door of his house located at Cobián 654 in the Bah neighborhood. ´ía Blanca. The images of the sequence provided by the security cameras are part of the probative material.

In dialogue with THE COMPASS 24 and with the pain on the surface, the woman revealed sensations, pointing against the figure of her father, whom she defined as violent. It should be remembered that the author of the shots was released yesterday, after refusing to testify, by prosecutor Jorge Viego.

“I told my father ‘what did you do?’ When I heard the shots I ran immediately, blood was coming out of his mouth and I tried to help him but he collapsed. I called 911 and contacted the Penna operating room because I work in health, “he stressed, while saying:” The relationship with his grandfather was terrible and he claimed money that according to my father he owed him.

In addition, Mariel reported that “he made him quit his job in the Parks area. My son was mistreated by his grandfather, he took away his medication. His girlfriend told me that my dad threw a shovel at him because he didn’t do things the way he wanted.

“My father is a violent and aggressive person, even with me and my mom. He has the cameras focused on my house, he went out on purpose when my son arrived and told him that he owed him money. My father attacked him not only physically, “he highlighted, in another segment of his talk with the journalist Germán Sasso.

In the same direction, he implored: I want my son to rest in peace, my son was always humiliated as a thug and thief, how did they expect him to react if they mistreated him. She got tired of looking for him, until he snapped.”

“The girlfriend grabbed Brian but she couldn’t stop him, I saw that. I heard the shots from the window, I heard three but there were five and he collapsed. My father is a retired military man and had weapons, my son had lived with me for two months, he had personality disorders and required medication, “he clarified.

Simultaneously, he stated that “my father had his own license to carry the weapon when he went out with the car. I have many violent events. This was premeditated because when he kicked the door at him, my son grabbed a broomstick so he wouldn’t hit him. He was looking at him through the camera to attack him just so there are no witnesses. My son hit his head more than once so as not to react against his grandfather.”

“My son has behavioral disorders, it is difficult to treat him, he is a sick person who I hospitalized repeatedly, but it would never have crossed my mind to shoot him, I always tried to appease him. I was never going to leave him lying on the street, ”he reflected.

Finally, Mariel declared: “My father gave me life, but he is a murderer who took the life of a boy who had a life ahead of him and finished high school to have a decent job. When at work he asked to change park, my father intervened so that they would not grant that request. He typed his work and there are witnesses to that, to the mistreatment, as if he were a soldier. My dad applied the military in the family and the street.”

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