Municipality of Torreón, still without alarm for suspected case of monkeypox

The head of the Secretary of the City Council of Torreón, Natalia Fernández, pointed out that at the moment there is no municipal alarm situation due to the suspected case of monkeypox that was detected this week in IMSS No. 16; however, she acknowledged that they maintain permanent coordination and communication with the Coahuila Ministry of Health to execute any action determined by the state authority.

It was during this Saturday that El Siglo de Torreón questioned the official regarding the detected case of possible monkey (simian) smallpox in clinic number 16 of the IMSS, which corresponds to a 34-year-old male patient with a clinical picture that began on July 23which presented various symptoms that the authorities identified of this disease that has already generated a generalized state of alarm in European countries.

Fernández pointed out that “there is coordination between the municipal directorate (Health) and the Sanitary Jurisdiction, we generally see these issues in the COVID-19 Subcommittee, which is on Mondays, but yes, at the moment the report that I have is of no alarmbut in this sense the director of Municipal Health is the one who has the guideline, as well as the head of the Jurisdiction, Dr. Juan Pérez “.

It should be remembered that it was during this week that the authorities reported that the alleged case of monkeypox in Torreón It also presents skin lesions in “scab phase” mostly on the chest, face and armsaccompanied by itching, absence of fever, and is in home isolation for medical indication with symptomatic treatment.

Health authorities have already carried out the necessary tests to determine if it is indeed the so-called monkeypox, its results will be in the short termfrom which various containment actions will be derived, or in its case only prevention.

In the same way, Surveillance operations and actions are maintained against the spread of COVID-19, a virus that continues to wreak havoc on the health of the various regions of the entityalthough at the last meeting of the La Laguna Health Subcommittee it was specified that at least in this region the percentage of positivity was on the decline, this in contrast to the Southeast, Carboniferous, Center and North, as well as with the state average.

In all cases, The Secretary of Health of Coahuila has called on the population to be attentive to the possible symptoms of monkeypoxthis when considering the high incidence of cases that have recently occurred in various parts of the world, especially in the European Union.

Given the report of positive cases of monkeypox in different entities of the country, the Coahuila Ministry of Health issued an epidemiological notice to public and private health institutions in previous days, in order to notify suspicious clinical pictures of said disease.

The virus is done through PCR of material from skin lesions in specialized public health laboratories, in addition to culture analysis and immunohistochemical tests (staining with antibodies in the tissues).

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