MR and PS rise in Brussels, Ecolo and PTB settle down: a poll reveals the voting intentions of Belgians

At 22%, it exceeds its 2019 electoral score by 4.5 points and points ahead of the PS (19.1%), the other winner of the poll, up 4 percentage points compared to the poll last March. Conversely, Ecolo fell from 1st to 3rd place (18%, -2.3 points), but the biggest drop was that of the PTB, 4th at 13.6% (-2.8 points). This is followed by DéFi (10.8%) and, at long distance, Les Engagés (3.8%).

The PS in the lead in Wallonia

In Wallonia, the PS is the only party. With an increase of 2.9 percentage points, it consolidates its first place at 25.3% and approaches its score of May 2019 (26.1%). The following settle slightly. MR (-1.2 points) and PTB (-0.6) are neck and neck at 19.2% and 19.1%. Ecolo (14.4%) and Les Engagés (8.8%) follow at a distance, far from DéFI (4.2%).

The N-VA returns in front of the Vlaams Belang in Flanders

In the north of the country, the CD&V stands at 10.2%, which secures it fourth place. Another poll in early May placed it at a historic low (8.7%), a last place which helped push its president Joachim Coens to resign. The N-VA is regaining strength in first place (24.9%, +1.5) by increasing its gap over Vlaams Belang (22.6%, +0.4) which, before last March, had taken it 1st place in the polls since September 2019. Vooruit (14.8%, +0.6) is the strongest of the Flemish Vivaldi parties. The Open Vld does not reach 10% (9.3%) and Groen is at 7.9%, behind the PVDA (8.5%).

What are the most popular Belgian politicians?

The good form of Vooruit is reflected in the poll of personalities, its president Conner Rousseau equaling that of the N-VA Bart De Wever, ahead of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open Vld). In Wallonia and Brussels, the trio remains unchanged: Sophie Wilmès (MR) is ahead of Alexander De Croo and the president of the PS Paul Magnette.

The survey was conducted online from June 6 to 14 with 2,552 respondents. The margin of error is -3.1 in Wallonia and Flanders, and -4.2 in Brussels.

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