Mourning! Jalisco athlete dies during the 2022 National Universiade

Amateur sport is in mourning. The Jalisco judoka, David Alexander Gomez Floresdied this Saturday due to a heart attack in the National Universiade 2022in Juarez City, chihuahua.

Gomez Flowers competed on behalf of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) and was holding his middleweight bout at the time Gymnasium of the Technological Institute of the border city. But suddenly, without any cause, it vanished; later he was transferred to a hospital, he arrived with some vital signs, but unfortunately he lost his life a few minutes later.


According to reports, the athlete received medical care and all CPR protocols were followedbut unfortunately he arrived at the emergency hospital without vital signs.

According to the statement issued by the specialist doctor of the sports teams of the UdeG, Armando Mondragon Rodriguezthe death of the Guadalajara athlete is classified as sudden death.

“He started to feel dizzy and sick. She sat up and told the referee to stop. He wanted to sit up again, but he couldn’t. It was when we entered and there he fell unemployed (…). There was no hit, there was no event that triggered that, ”he explained about what happened.

“The patient arrived at the hospital still with vital signsintra-hospital protocols for cardiopulmonary resuscitation were followed, but he died minutes later,” Armando Mondragón clarified.

For its part, the University of Guadalajara In addition to showing solidarity with the family of the athlete from Guadalajara, he issued a statement detailing how the unfortunate death of David Alejandro Gómez Flores occurred, reiterating his condolences.



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