Mother of Cuban deceased in Saratoga demands answers: "His own workplace buried him"

The mother of one of the 46 victims of the explosion at the Saratoga Hotel is demanding answers from the government about the death of his son.

Vilma Vázquez Monzón is the mother of Yassel Díaz Vázquez, (in the official list she appears as Yaser), hotel worker, whose body was identified last Monday Along with five other people.

“How will I be able to calm this pain and this impotence that I have, my 37-year-old son full of health, full of dreams that remained unfulfilled, full of life, father of two children, good husband, good son (the best of everyone) a good brother, a good companion and above all a man of God,” he said on his Facebook wall.

“I am demanding from Cuba answers to this terrible situation, either due to negligence or caused by ruthless and unscrupulous beings. If his death had been due to natural causes (COVID, a disease, even some type of accident) despite not understand it, I would be calmer,” he said.

Vilma wonders who can give her mother’s heart some satisfaction, and questions the hotel’s security measures that did not detect the flaw that caused the explosion.

“How can I live knowing that his own workplace buried him? I hope that divine justice will bring the truth to light. Just as there are so many surveillance cameras in a hotel and so many personnel controlling it, I wonder: Where was the responsible personnel who did not see this gas leak?

“Two years without working the hotel should have had everything related to supervision and maintenance up to date since on May 10 the Hotel Saratoga would start working,” he stressed.

In the midst of her grief, the bereaved mother sympathized with the rest of the families who have also suffered a loss.

“It is time to pay more attention! That no more events like these are repeated, any place could be the stage. That those responsible pay even if they are not going to return our loved ones,” he demanded.

“Let the truth and transparency come to light,” he concluded.

On May 6, hours after the explosion at the hotel, the Cuban government reported that the cause could be a gas leak.

The Cuban presidency said on Twitter that “preliminary investigations indicate that the explosion was caused by a gas leak“.

However, the state company Unión Cuba-Petróleo (CUPET) announced the creation of a commission to investigate the causes of the explosion.

The Cuban government announced that It will speed up the granting of pensions to relatives of the victims of the explosion, that they could start collecting them in June, provided they meet the legal requirements.

According to the director of the state National Institute of Social Security (INASS), Virginia García Reyes, the process, defined as exceptional, will be carried out expeditiously.

The first pensions could be collected in June, and will be calculated based on the salary earned by the deceased and the income level of their family nucleus, he explained.

Meanwhile, the municipal branches of INASS were ordered to grant temporary pensions to the families of the victims, with an amount of 100% of the salary earned by the affected worker.

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