More pavement in Resistencia: Capitanich toured works

Capitanch toured works.

This Sunday, Governor Jorge Capitanich toured the urban pavement and storm drain works that the provincial government is carrying out in Villa del Carmen, Villa Los Lirios, Villa San Juan and Llaponagat, four populous neighborhoods of Resistencia.

“We continue to fulfill the commitments assumed with neighbors” of our city, “said Capitanich during the tour, where he also spoke with frontists and visited works in school buildings.

The works comprise a total of 17 blocks, of which 12 are part of a project that includes a road network linking Villa del Carmen and Villa Los Lirios, with an official investment of 90,161,760 pesos; another five blocks in Villa San Juan which, with an investment of 26,581,063 pesos, will complement the paving works in said neighborhood. Finally, the tour continued along Lestani street in the Llaponagat neighborhood. In all cases, it includes the construction of a concrete roadway with an integral curb and storm drains.


The 17 streets correspond to a package of 75 blocks of urban pavement of a cooperation program with support from the Provincial State to the Municipality of Resistencia to establish road connectivity mechanisms.

At the Capitanich opportunity, he recalled that when he was mayor of Resistencia, a plan was executed that included 750 blocks of urban pavement, of which there are still some slopes that are being executed.

The works visited will substantially improve the transitability, both for vehicles and pedestrians, of the arteries to be paved, moving from the current situation of dirt roads, with open gutters, to simple concrete roads with an integral curb, improving environmental quality, and achieving the closure of the circulation network of the streets in question, integrating the sector with the immediate environment.

“In Villa del Carmen and Villa Lirios, the intervened stables are in the final stage of their execution, very soon to be inaugurated. The same thing happens in Villa San Juan, where the intervention will close the entire paved area near the Ministry of Education and the For Ever field; and, finally, a block in Llaponagat that is already finished and enabled”, said engineer Varela.

Where are they paving?

The paved streets are Don Bosco, between Noveri and Fray Luis Beltrán streets; Inspector Patiño, Alsina and Noveri, between Brown Street and Don Bosco Street; and Fray Grotti and J. Navarro, between A. Brown Street and Don Bosco Street.

In addition to Parodi streets, between 9 de Julio avenue and Arturo Illia street; Juan B. Justo, between Dante and Parodi; the Passage 9 De Julio, between Parodi and Goitía; and the Arturo Illia, between Gobernador Bosch and Goitía. Added to these is a block from Doctor Lestani Street, in the Llaponagat neighbourhood.

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