“Money!”: The Pink Floyd catalog could be sold for 500 million dollars

The agreement could potentially exceed 500 million dollars according to the financial daily which cites sources familiar with the matter. It could even exceed the amount of the sale last year of the Bruce Springsteen catalog to Sony Music, the amount of which would have reached 550 million dollars according to the American press, a record, adds the FT. The progressive rock band led by David Gilmour and Roger Waters is one of the biggest record sellers in musical history with hit singles like “Money”, “Wish you were here”, or “Comfortably numb” and 250 million copies sold worldwide according to bestsellingalbums.org. Sales of musical catalogs of musical stars have multiplied in recent years, with those of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Sting or Tina Turner who have also, according to the press, been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

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