Molenbeek-Saint-Jean: a car fire spread to three other vehicles and a house

The fire spread to 3 other cars and a house that was used as a warehouse. The firefighters were called around 1:20 a.m. for a burning car on rue de l’Ind├ępendance in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. When they arrived there, four cars were burning. Three ended up charred and the last was only damaged.

There was an affected electric vehicle, but its battery was not affected. The firefighters were therefore able to put out the fire in a conventional manner, without resorting to immersion in a pool of water.

The cars concerned were parked near the houses and a facade began to catch fire all the way inside the house. Firefighters had to call in reinforcements to prevent the blaze from spreading. The house served as a warehouse for various objects. There were therefore no inhabitants to evacuate.

The cause of the fire remains to be determined, according to firefighters. According to information received elsewhere, the criminal trail cannot be ruled out.

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