Miss Bolivia has legal consequences for making fun of another candidate

The Bolivian candidate for Miss Universe, María Fernanda Pavisic, could be left out of the contest if a discrimination lawsuit filed with the Prosecutor’s Office prospers. It was the mayor’s office of the city of Potosí who filed a criminal complaint and they asked that the title of Miss Bolivia be withdrawn after she posted comments about other contestants on social networks.

The model spoke on Instagram Stories of other candidates as “las doñas” to Miss Paraguay, Miss Brazil and Miss El Salvador. Within the “thank you for participating” group she included Miss Ecuador, Miss Aruba and Miss Curacao, while she called Miss Argentina “Miss Potosí”. Furthermore, she referred to Miss Venezuela and Miss Peru “as transsexuals”.

Miss Bolivia defended herself by saying that everything is a “social experiment” and that “In the last few hours, I have been involved in a controversy over a video that I decided to upload. He was only for six minutes on my official account. As part of this social experiment, I asked various pages that shared the video to take it down. However, all I got was that the video multiplied,” said the 23-year-old.

It was the mayor’s office of the Bolivian city of Potosí who filed a criminal complaint and asked to withdraw the title of Miss Bolivia from María Fernanda, considering that she used the name of the entity to discredit the Argentine candidate, “He has denigrated the women of San Luis Potosí, he does not have the merit or morality to represent Bolivia in an international contest,” Richard Alejo, legal adviser to the Potosí mayor’s office, told the AP agency on Wednesday.

Maria Fernanda Pavisic. Photo: Instagram @fernandapavisic_

Roxana Graz, head of the civil organization Civic Committee, added that the Miss’s statements “fall into the crime of racism and discrimination and if Promociones Gloria does not withdraw the title and apologize, we will join the lawsuit.”

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