The authorities are redeploying health teams to reinforce, therefore, the vaccination of minors.

The Ministry of Education in La Araucanía assured that all educational establishments in the region meet face-to-face classesdespite this, only 22% of children between 6 and 11 years old are inoculated with third dose against covid-19.

The SEREMI of Education, María Isabel Mariñanco, affirmed that no class suspensions have been reported due to coronavirus outbreaks and that all the schools are holding face-to-face classes in the region.

Despite the above, there is a low percentage of vaccination in students between 6 and 11 years old, a figure that according to the Health Seremi reaches 22%, for this reason the application of the vaccine is being reinforced against covid-19 in schools.

On the last day, an operation was carried out at the Millaray School in Temuco, where its director, Ricardo Muñoz, indicated that there are complying with all health protocols.

To increase vaccination coverage in minors, the health authority is redeploying teams in conjunction with the municipalities and thus be able to reach as many establishments as possible.