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This was stated by the president Gustavo Petro after announcing the names of the new commanders of the Forces. “Here we do not look at political thoughts, we are interested in this Public force be professional,” he said.

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As Commander of the Army was appointed General Luis Mauricio Ospina. To the Colombian Air Force (FAC) came General Luis Carlos Cordoba and to the Navy, Vice Admiral Francisco Hernando Cubides.

One of the most anticipated appointments was that of the director of the Police, who replaces General George Louis Vargaswho is considered a key man in strengthening the intelligence of the country associated with the great blows against criminal organizations.

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In addition, that institution would be the one that could undergo the most changes due to the government’s announcements of passing it from MinDefense to a new wallet. The General Director was appointed Henry Armando Sanabria and as deputy director, General Yackeline Navarro Ordóñez.

From left to right: Henry Sanabria, Luis Mauricio Ospina, Helder Giraldo, Luis Carlos Córdoba and Francisco Hernando Cubides.


Police, Navy, Air Force, Army, War College

Promotions to general

The director of the Police, General Óscar Atehortua Duque, received the fourth star.

The analyst in matters of security and defense Erich Saumeth Cadavid argued that there was also a purge in the other Forces on account of the appointments and that 16 Army generals, six FAC generals and six Navy admirals will leave.

President Petro responded to a question from EL TIEMPO during the presentation of the new leadership about the effect of that shake-up and pointed out: “in this decision-making always there are degrees of injusticeI am not going to say that they are perfect decisions, and I have to thank all the people who leave the service for these decisions, for their work, for their dedicated life (…) undoubtedly we are facing a change and that is the message : changed the government and change strategiesthe population will already have to value them, these changes merit modifications in the State, in the government, society and also in the Public Force”, said Petro.

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The outgoing director of the Police, General Vargas, sent a message to all his men before leaving office: “(Henry), you are a guarantee for the country, for Columbia. The President of the Republic has taken a wise decisionhas the affection of all the police officers in Colombia, to you, thank you very much, we are going to surround our director, our deputy director, we are going to surround them with work, to comply with government policies, to comply with the policies that Colombians want ” Vargas said.

The president of the Association of Retired Officers of the Colombian Military Forces (Acore), retired Colonel José John Marulanda, maintained that what had happened had already been reported in internal meetings of that group: “Leaving more than 20 generals in one coup it’s a real shakebut in general terms, the protocols of hierarchy, of seniority, of not being involved in any type of judicial case and to be adjusted to the rules and regulations”.

And the infantry general Rafael Alfredo Colón affirmed that the new dome has the mission of preserving “the indeclinable principles and values ​​of our noble military institution. Gratitude for the general gentlemen who leave their positions”.

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He indicated that there is a great challenge to recover the citizen trust And that won’t happen overnight. “The criteria for promotion measured by casualties, which generated such a disaster a few years ago, has to change. The ascent must be measured because the massacre was prevented, the death of the community leaderreal pacification results were achieved in the territory”, he added.

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Security analyst Jairo Libreros considered that the change in focus from democratic to human security “is abysmal and has been requested for a long time.” He added that it is “a policy centered on the human being and a comprehensive vision of your needs. Is a comprehensive intervention not only in military but social terms. And he warned that in any case you cannot ignore the crime fighting.

Camilo González Posso, president of the Institute for Development Studies, helpless He said that the fight against corruption and guaranteeing absolute respect for human rights in the country will be important in the new approach.

Henry Sanabria

Police Director who will replace General Jorge Luis Vargas.

General Sanabria Cely is younger than twelve generals and because of this situation the generals would have to step aside Hoover PenillaHerman Alegrandro Bustamante, Carlos Ernesto Rodríguez, Fabio Hernán López Cruz, Ramiro Castrillón Lara, Herman Alejandro Bustamante Jiménez, Fabián Laurens Cárdenas, Fernando Murillo Obrego, Julio César González Bedoya, Juan Alberto Libreros, Óscar Gómez Heredia and Manuel Antonio Vásquez Prada.

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And another 11 generals are older than the new deputy director, Navarro Ordóñez, so they too would have to leave the service. They are the generals Eliecer Camacho JimenezJesus Alejandro Barrera Pena, Norberto Mujica JaimeRicardo Augusto Alarcón, Silverio Ernesto Suárez, Pablo Antonio Criollo, Luis Ernesto García Hernández, Gustavo Franco Gómez, Samuel Darío Bernal Rojas, Marco Aurelio Bolívar Suárez and Pablo Ferney Ruiz Garzón.

Among the most prominent officers who leave are the director of the Dijín, General Ferdinand Murilloand Dipol, General Norberto Mujica, who were key in the development of the intelligence of the country and in operations against the leaders of illegal groups during the government of former president Ivan Duke.

The Police had already suffered a shake after the appointment of General Oscar Naranjowhen 11 generals came out.

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Police General Juan Carlos Buitrago maintained that these changes “undoubtedly weaken the control line of the institution because many years of experiences are lost, in addition to the effects on the morale of the uniformed men”. However, he considered that “the desire to generational relief to oxygenate the control”.

He said that the new members of the police dome They have important academic and professional training and a discipline to accompany the profound changes in the institution that Petro has spoken about.

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