Migrants continue their journey to the northern border walking through Coahuila

Although in small groups or in pairs, migrants continue to walk along federal highway 57, to reach the northern border of Coahuila, as they seek to cross into the United States; at least that could be observed during the morning and afternoon this Saturday between the municipality of Monclova and Piedras Negras.

On a tour of The Century of Torreonfrom the border city of Piedras Negras, in the northern region, to the municipality of Monclova in the central region, It was found that migrants continue on their way along the side of the road, on a sunny day and at 11 in the morning, with a temperature of 31 Celsius.

Although in smaller groups than those registered during the week that is ending, this Saturday it was possible to observe that they walk in groups of a maximum of 12, some of six, four, three and even in pairs; although with long distances between one and the other; among the migrants again Minors could be seen.

On the way, the presence of state and municipal security authorities could also be observed, in the different health and safety filters that the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) of the State of Coahuila has installed on the federal highway; how at the junction to Piedras Negras, Nava, Allende, Sabinas and Monclova.

In addition to the constant presence of the National Guard units on the aforementioned road. It is worth mentioning that, A group of around 10 migrants from Venezuela arrived at the convenience store located in Allende, in front of the military inspection filter, where they came to buy a charge for their cell phone and call their relatives.; to whom they informed them that they arrived at the town and that they had walked for 12 hours.

Subsequently, they settled down to rest under the shade of a fence, to later resume their journey. During the tour, it was possible to observe that entire families continue to walk, helping each other with strollers to move the little ones and in some cases, to carry some groceries, while the little ones are walking.

Despite the actions that the National Migration Institute has undertaken to implement a document verification operation for migrants currently transiting through Coahuila; given that some of them have a document that gives them 30 days to regularize their immigration status and that allows them to travel through the country, except for border states.

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